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NET 5 has been released and It comes with a lot of exciting features, new technologies and performance improvements. It unifies the .net environment and replaces .NET Core. In this blog, we’ll focus on building high performance services using gRPC and .NET 5.

Why gRPC?

gRPC is not another buzzword being thrown around. It’s a popular open-source RPC framework. It has been around for a while but it’s built on new technologies like HTTP/2 and Protobuf. It’s platform-independent as it offers language-neutral contract language — which is designed for high-performance modern apps.

How does it compare with WCF and REST ?

WCF, which is also a RPC framework and achieves the…

Build AI-Powered API to Analyze Customer Feedback In Just 10 Minutes

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Whether you are a.NET developer who is just getting started with Machine Learning, or an Expert trying to figure out the best machine learning model for your use case — This article is for you!

In this article, we will discuss what ML.NET is all about. How easy is it to add machine learning to your services and apps using ML.NET in .NET5.

We will also see how to build, train, evaluate and consume a machine learning model using AutoML. As an example, we will be creating an API to analyze customer feedback and detect sentiment automatically.

So without further…

Start Using Pattern Combinators To Build Efficient Algorithms

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C# 9 came with a lot of exciting features and language enhancements. In this article, we will explore the new Pattern Matching using switch expressions and pattern combinators in detail.


First off, Please Install .NET 5 (if you haven’t) as It contains the C# 9 compiler.

Pattern Matching — What is it?

It’s a technique that helps you identify if the expression has certain characteristics. It’s suited well in situations where you work with the objects that are part of unrelated systems and processing data from multiple data sources.

Pattern matching was first introduced in C# 7 using ‘is expressions’ and ‘switch statement’. …

Choose the Right Design to Deal with The Noisy Neighbor Effect

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If you are developing a multi-tenant SaaS app — chances are you’d be dealing with the ‘noisy neighbor effect’ sooner or later.

In this article, we will examine the various design strategies that can be used to build a multi-tenant SaaS App and how those design choices can play a critical role in creating or eliminating the noisy neighbor effect.

First off, let’s understand what multi-tenancy is all about.

1. Multi-Tenancy

In the SaaS (Software as a service) model, multi-tenancy refers to the ability of a single software system to cater to multiple customers or organizations (which are called tenants as they…

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This article explains two-factor authentication in detail and how It can be implemented in .NET 5 using Identity Frameworks like IdentityServer4 and an SMS Provider (Twilio).

It contains the following sections:

First off, Let’s understand What 2FA is and why it needs to be an integral part of every modern web application.

What is Two-Factor Authentication?

A factor in this context implies a way you can convince an app or service that you are the owner of the account. Username/password is…

Lightning Fast Performance with a 46% reduction in payload

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With the release of .NET 5, Microsoft has made gRPC really fast and introduced various performance improvements.

As per Microsoft's official blog post.

.NET 5 Server performance is 60% faster and .NET 5 Client is 230% than .NET Core 3.1

These stats are really tempting —even if you aren't dealing with the high-performance applications where milliseconds matter.

We will be using a sample demo: which I created using gRPC-Web (that uses javascript client to invoke gRPC over the browser and also fetches the same data using REST/JSON).

Microservice Architecture

Build High-Performance Services using gRPC and .NET 5

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In this article, we will explore Microsoft's gRPC-Web and how it can be used to create real-world gRPC services that can be invoked from the browsers.

(Note: If you are brand new to gRPC then you should check out this article at first. This will walk you through creating your first gRPC server and client using .NET 5).

1 — The Problem

In a previous article, we have seen that unlike REST, the gRPC service can’t be invoked from a browser (as there is simply no browser API that provides enough control over the requests).

The gRPC project template is configured to display the…

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